Friday, July 1, 2011

Two Weeks Later

We are all doing great after two weeks of being a family of four.  Everett loves his baby brother (still).  He checks on Paxton, strokes his hair, points out his eyes, ears, and nose (perhaps it would be best if he didn't touch them though - hah!).  He asks about him and waves at him every morning when he wakes up.  I don't sense any jealousy yet - I mean, he's not trying to play with Everett's toys or anything! - I think the tantrums that are thrown are just the same ones that would have occurred anyway.  Ev is getting much better at independent play, and has gotten really good with a spoon and fork. 

Paxton sleeps a lot.  When he's not sleeping he's eating or requesting to be held.  A good friend, Lea, took some absolutely beautiful photos of him this past weekend.  I've included a few here from our sneak preview.

I'm feeling great.  I'm so happy to be among these four people, and I feel so blessed over and over.

And on another note, Everett has made me feel like a bonafide mom now - he has decided that he doesn't like boogers on his hand so they should be wiped on times when my hands are full and can't dodge it.  Let's face it, that's part of the job description - receptacle for boogers and trash.  *sigh*

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  1. Pax is beautiful! Glad to hear ya'll are doing great!