Thursday, July 21, 2011

Brothers of One Month

Everett and Paxton's relationship has been off to a very special start.  In the five weeks that Pax has been with us, Everett has doted on his brother immensely.  Ev loves it when we lay Pax down on a blanket as it affords him an opportunity to be really close to him.  He tries to hold him, pick him up, roll him over, lay on top of him.  I can say that he is learning that Pax is a little fragile at the moment, and is starting to give him a little space.  He immediately lets out a sympathetic "oo-ooh!" when Pax cries.  When Everett goes to bed, after bath and jammies, he comes out to say goodnight to Pax and myself.  He says "Pa!" and gives him a sweet kiss on the head.  And in the morning, he comes into the kitchen where Pax is usually on the table in the bouncer and says "Pa!" and waves an enthusiastic hello to him.  Paxton has started watching Everett and follows him with his eyes interested in what is producing all the activity and squealing around him! 

Trying to pick him up.  This is when we step in!

Probably just got a flailing fist in the face.

Sweet brotherly love.  :)
Grandma and her boys.

Love this one.  :)

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