Thursday, July 21, 2011

Everett at 20 Months

Everett has obviously had a lot of changes in his life lately.  He has dealt with it pretty well.  He gives his new brother nothing but love, but does display some added frustration in general.  He has been forced to practice patience, which is usually not easy.  He has shown a little bit of jealousy when people come over and get excited to see Paxton or if he wants the attention of the person holding Pax.  And the biggest challenge is in his excessive desire for snacks!  No is not a word he likes to hear...though he really likes saying it!  ;)

His communication is getting more extensive.  He has more words in his vocabulary and we have been able to have conversations recently, which has been really exciting.  We have to fill in the blanks, but we always ask him if that's what he meant, and he's good about saying yes or no to help us know if we get what he's trying to say.  Here's a sweet conversation Eric and Everett had before bed last week:

Eric:  "Did you have fun at the pool today?"
Everett:  (nods yes)

Eric: "Do you want to go again sometime?"
Everett: thinks about it for a few seconds, then says..."Pa!"
Eric: "You want Pax to come next time?"
Everett:  (nods yes)

Heehee!  There are more extensive conversations, but that's one of my favorites. 

Oh, and a fantastic accomplishment - he is much better with a spoon and fork now.  Many thanks to Grandma who worked with him on that while we were in the hospital after Pax was born.  That has made life a little easier around here. 

His loves lately: dinosaurs, Sesame Street, and socks.

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