Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Babysitter!

People! I am on cloud NINE right now! I just have to blog about it. Tonight I left Everett with a non-family babysitter for the first time (Johanna, I'm counting you as family). It gave me nausea all day long. I'm used to tears and clinging when I leave, so I was pleasantly surprised when he excitedly took the babysitter's hand and led her to the back door to play outside. He barely noticed me saying good-bye and frankly could have cared less. I was only 1% heartbroken because the other 99% of me was so happy that he was happy. I found myself missing chunks of the movie I was watching wondering what they were doing, and every slow person I was behind on the way home gave me road rage. When I returned 3.5 hours later, he was still playing outside, squealing with happiness, and not bothered in the least by my leaving. HE EVEN ATE ALL HIS DINNER WITH NO COMPLAINTS!!! That's big. When it was time to say goodbye to our awesome babysitter, he reached to hug her, turned to me and said and waved "bye-bye!" Oh, ok Everett. I'll just go find something else to do now! Hah!

We have a jewel of a sitter and a heck of a kid. :) Love em.


  1. wow! that's great carla! I still haven't left A. with a non family member...although at almost 4 I definitely would. Now, Mc on the other hand...

    Enjoy it now b/f the new baby comes and you're glued to the house (and a baby) for the next year!

  2. Isn't that such a relief?! We've left Contessa with non-family once now too and, although I don't know that she was quite as in LOVE with her sitter, she was hardly phased by my leaving. They're growing up so fast!