Wednesday, May 11, 2011

18 Months

Everett had his 18 month well check today, and let me tell you, as soon as we got in the room and the door shut, he knew EXACTLY where we were.  Poor little dude screamed for most of his appointment.  He screamed so much he didn't notice his shot - hah! 

Weighing in at 28 lb (75%tile), Everett Anderson Keahey is an astounding 34.5" tall (95%tile) with a head circumference in the 50-75th percentile! I recently bought him some 3T pajamas! 3T! As in for a 3 year old! He's half that! Ok, so we knew he would be tall. Here's what else he's up to.

Everett, at 18 months, you:
-love your blankie "gee". It goes many places with you, and you carry it around the house, stopping now and then to lay down on it and put your thumb in your mouth for a little 2 second rest before going back to chasing the cat or begging for crackers.
-usually say "meow!" first thing when you get up in the morning and from naps, which means you want to see Frankie, the cat. You love chasing him, being next to him, and you've gotten really good at petting him gently.
-have a love/hate relationship with food.  You love snacks - crackers, cheese, and apples being your favorite, perhaps because you can say them.  You often are not interested in dinner even if it's one of your favorites (spaghetti!).  Your very cute round belly keeps me from worrying.
-enjoy feeding your food and drinks to family and friends.  A good friend calls you "the caretaker" and another one jokes that you will be a spiritual healer because of your sweet gentle touches.
-are about to be a big brother!!!  And I think you're going to be fantastic!

Sorry these got all out of order when I captioned them, and it's making me too crazy to fix.
The reason it's hard to take pictures these days
No one makes Ev laugh like Daddy.

Getting tickled!
Just a couple of guys hangin out.
Aww!  Ev likes to put his head on the cat and on babies in a gesture of gentleness and love.
Aaaaahhh!  Red tupperware makes me crazy!
Love how happy my boys make each other (and me).
He is loving his cowboy hat lately, though it's a little small.

I can't help smothering my cutie pie!!!
Blurry but funny

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  1. Happy 18 months, Ev! He's so cute! Love those big round baby bellies. Speaking of...where is yours? You don't even look pregnant!

    Were you or Eric blonde as children? Wondering who Ev gets it from.