Sunday, April 24, 2011

Where's Your Brother?

Well, Everett really isn't getting enough credit around here. Yesterday, during conversation with Dada and I somehow it came up to ask him "do you know where your brother is?" He spun around a few times looking around the room until he stopped with intent having made his decision and pointed at my belly! Wow! We were really impressed. I mean, we really don't talk to him a whole lot about it based on the assumption that at nearly 18 months and with no concept of what a "brother" is, he just can't possibly understand what we're talking about. The majority of our conversations about his brother consist of "ugh! You're squishing your brother!" and "*grimace* stop kicking your brother!" as I am so often converted from mother to jungle gym. So perhaps now, in these last 8 or so weeks, we'll talk a little more about it. :) That's right, I said EIGHT WEEKS!!!

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