Saturday, April 16, 2011

17 Months - Funny Words and More...

Some of Ev's funny words:
Gagoos = crackers
Ohweos or Ohweoweos = tomatoes
Boobie = blue green - let me explain...I've been going over colors. He loves his stacking rings, which in order, are blue, green, maybe he thinks blue and green are one word. And he says this word, boobie, a LOT! hahaha! Not sure that he knows what blue or green is yet.

Everett has started to be really affectionate lately. I have gotten my first voluntary kisses lately. He stops what he's doing, starts opening his mouth like a fish and comes at my face. My face is wet, but my heart is full. This is the only time messy kisses are a good thing.

He shares his food constantly. He loves offering me bites, and he even grabs the utensil I'm holding and spoons food into my mouth, then his, then mine, etc... Of course, he DOES steal food out of other kids hands, but he also feeds them. Haha!

Here are a few pics from a paint playdate we attended this month. Lots of fun to get messy! :)

This is Everett saying "Gee!," which is Give! He says this when giving something. No thanks Ev! You can keep it!

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