Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Nap! I'm Having Too Much Fun!

Everett's relationship with the Pack and Play (portable crib) is SO over. We basically drove it to Colorado and back with very little use. Admittedly I give in quickly in a hotel with neighbors to listen in on Everett's protests, but he even persisted his refusal at Lauren and Sarmad's house when given 20-30+ minutes to work it out on his own.

So we discovered the joys and challenges of co-sleeping. We definitely can see the appeal much more than we previously did; though, perhaps less active children kick their parents less during their sleep. Within minutes of laying down with him on a regular mattress, he was out cold. (Moving him to the pack and play then seems like a great idea, right? Success rate perhaps 30%. Success rate at staying there until morning probably 10%.) It's also a positive when you're forced to take a nap during the day in order to get him to. :)

Everett enjoys being crammed in a space when sleeping --perhaps a trait leftover from the womb. He often sleeps the short length of his crib though he is taller than that. So when the three of us were sleeping in a bed, we often looked like an H with him in the middle. One of us would get the sweet end (his head) while the other would get the dangerous end (his kicking feet) causing us to sleep in a defensive position. It was so worth the kicking though to be able to wake up and see Eric and Everett cuddling. I really wish I could have taken a picture, but you can understand the flash would not have made anyone happy. My favorite, and the most hilarious was Eric and Everett cheek to cheek, Everett's head upside down and body along the headboard (feet in my face). I also got to wake up and find myself a cheek part of this human puzzle in a following night. Last night he kept smooshing the top of his head into my belly and unknowingly against his brother. It was mostly sweet, minorly uncomfortable. Haha!

Oh, and another fun aspect of all this was getting to see what he is like first thing in the morning. Last night, when at a hotel that had an aquarium in the lobby, his first word upon waking was "fish!" But most other nights it was "what's that?" sometimes with the added effect of grabbing Daddy's nose. It's a fun game we like to play, but there is an added element of hilarity when being woken up with it.

So did we create a monster? Now that we are home he protested for 20 minutes, Eric went in for awhile, then he protested some more, and now he's sleeping peacefully (and alone!) in his crib. I'm sure he'll be back to normal in no time. ;)


  1. Oh the joys of traveling with baby! Don't worry, it will get better by the time he's three!

  2. I could TOTALLY relate to this post!! I definitely think co-sleeping when you need to keep the peace on vacation is worth every inconvenience ;) Sometimes you gotta give … and make some memories!!