Friday, March 25, 2011


If you think I'm talking about clarified butter, you're wrong. Ghee is two things around here. It's Everett's beloved blankie, made by his Grandma; and it is also "give". If Everett is handing you something, he is probably also saying "ghee".

I find it extremely cute that he calls his blankie "ghee" (it's the end of the word blankie). I thought I was going to be in extreme trouble this morning when I snuck it into the wash only to be spotted as he watched the laundry tumble. "GHEE!!! GHEE!!! GHEE!!!" It took a little while before he moved on to something else, but I was worried the entire 40 minute cycle plus dryer time was going to be a traumatic episode for us both. Haha!

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