Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Start Saving for Braces!

So at the dentist today, we learned that Everett will need braces someday. But I could have told you that with my 5 year history with them and Eric's few years as well. We all had dentist appointments today, and I was really impressed with Everett's ability to sit still and let the dentist take a peek. He tends to get really quiet and shy around other people, which is so funny for me to see as he is normally so boisterous.

I was also incredibly impressed with everything they could tell us already! She knew he was a thumb sucker because of the direction of his front two teeth. She also told us he will have a gap tooth in the front until he gets his frenulum (skin that goes between your top lip and between the two front teeth) clipped someday (maybe 10 or 11 years old - whenever those braces come into play). It's too low, and apparently even if you fix it with braces, it continues to pull apart with every facial expression unless it's clipped. Interesting! She also told me his bottom teeth are tight, so we'll need to floss. FLOSS??? A 15 month old??? Ok, I'll try. But he won't even let me put the toothbrush in his mouth, so this is going to be some challenge! But a worthy challenge that I shall begrudgingly accept.

Oh, and I have to somehow get him to stop sucking his thumb. Which I'm bummed about because it's totally cute, and it comforts him. :( Luckily he only does it when he is going to sleep or holding his blankie. I have no idea how we're going to break this habit...especially when I only 10% want to. haha!

Sorry Grandma, no pictures. He was in my lap and Eric was getting xrays, so we only have our memories. ;)


  1. are you serious??? that's crazy that they can already predict all of that. and, am I behind? I was told I didn't need to take Jacob until he was 3ish.... I hope Jacob has Badi's dental history. None for him. Me on the other hand, had to get them in FOURTH GRADE. Not fun. It was only for about a year, but, I hated them!

  2. Auntie B wanted to see the even memorialized also. I love all the pictures and the little, "my cup over flowith" snippet.
    Auntie B