Monday, February 21, 2011

Fun at the Park and a Fat Lip

Yesterday Everett suffered a walking injury. After tripping, his face met the tile floor where it promptly gave him a fat lower lip. Poor pitiful guy. But not THAT pitiful because it meant he got to try his first popscicle. :) I find it really interesting to see him go from not knowing what something is to learning what to do with it and then enjoying it. I take for granted all our context clues we have that tell us what something is for.

How should one eat a popscicle? In a diaper and crazy slipper/shoes of course!

Is this what I'm supposed to do?

Oh yea! I got it now!

And this morning we went to the park where I got to take some lovely photographs now that we have unloaded our camera's data card. It was perfect weather for photos and for playing. Below are some of my favorites. (AND - thanks to Dad's superstar skills, Everett finally let us put sturdy shoes on as seen in the last picture! I'm so proud of them both.)

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