Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cute Little Voice

There is something incredibly adorable about hearing your kid say words, especially for the first time. Those little voices that toddlers have are just too cute. Ev has developed a morning routine when we go to get him up lately. He walks (in his crib) to one side where he looks over and points at a cross-stitch picture his Great Grandma made for him. He says "whassat?" (what's that?). To which I reply, "that's a choo-choo train!" This morning he repeated "choo-choo train", and it was just the cutest little set of words ever (and surprisingly clear). Eric and I looked at each other with amazement. Our eyes said "are you hearing this???" Then later when we he sat down to watch Sesame Street with Dad while I was cooking, I heard a very clear "Elmo!" I had to come around the corner to find out if that was actually him - it was so oddly clear that it didn't sound like his voice. Again - are we really hearing this? It's too fun. I'm so blessed to be able to be home during these times. And we are blessed to have Dad home with us at random times during the week as well.

Most of the time during the day, though, Everett composes a statement or question with such confidence that I feel bad I have no idea what he is trying to say. I look at him with the same meek "eh?" face that I get when someone says a sentence in Spanish that I know I should understand but I just feel foolish because I don't. Or we sometimes reply with a just as confident "yes, oh sure, uh-huh" which makes me wonder what exactly we're agreeing to.

Everett relaxing on the couch with Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Teddy.

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