Thursday, May 6, 2010

He's a Go-Getter

Sometimes developments are gradual, and other times it's like a lightbulb. The development of the day has been really obvious! All of a sudden, Everett can go get what he wants. He still can't crawl, but he goes from crawl position to belly, then up again. He pivots on his belly (which is pretty funny). It was so interesting today to watch him look at something and then go get it over and over again.

On the tooth front, it's making its entrance very slowly. He has a break in the gums, and it's sharp when he bites, but the white isn't showing yet other than being directly under the gums. Last night he woke up every 2-4 hours. It's been hard for both of us to see him hurting (Eric especially cause he's a big softie). There is a recall of all brand name infant Tylenol and Motrin, so we've hunted down the last remaining generics in town. Of course, I'm being a good nurse and documenting his medication administration. hahaha! Hopefully that tooth (or teeth) emerges tonight.

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