Friday, May 14, 2010

Exciting New Changes

With each new phase, a part of me mourns the passing of the previous phase. There are so many unexpected emotions that go with watching your child grow and develop. I feel excitement to explore his new phase with him, proud to see him thrive, immense happiness as if I myself am doing something for the first time, and a little sad that this is all going by so fast. I don't think I fully grasped (or maybe never even experienced) having completely opposite emotions about one thing at the same time until parenthood.

Today Everett figured out how to crawl! It's been so exciting to see the wheels turn in figuring this out over the last few months. It warms our hearts when he crawls into our lap with outstretched arms that so clearly seem to communicate "hold me" and "I love you". :) The increase in communication, though nonverbal, is incredibly fun.

He also has two tiny little teeth that have poked through on the bottom! It was a trying time, but he is a much happier baby lately. With these teeth, we'll soon be able to feed him more varied foods. For now, he's had carrots, turnips, and peas. He makes an icky face with the first few bites every time, but so far he is a really good eater and eagerly asks (with flailing legs and reaching arms) for the next icky bite. We also started introducing a sippy cup. He can't quite get the water out yet, but plays with it and puts it to his mouth correctly. It's more of a teething toy for now.

Ooh, and he is mobile enough to safely sleep with a blankie now! Isn't that just the epitome of infant sweetness? He sleeps with the beautiful blanket his grandma made for him.

If I could simplify the overall goal of the first six months, it would be to keep him fed and rested. From my current perspective, it seems the next six months' goal will be to keep him safe as he explores his world.

Next step: baby-proofing bonanza!

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