Monday, March 22, 2010

The Texas Stock Show and Rodeo

Ok, so we didn't see the actual Rodeo. That's happening at Everett's bedtime, and we've found out on multiple occasions what happens when we try to do something at bedtime. But I did go to my first (and Everett's first) stock show. I'm assuming Eric has been to one before since he's a "true Texan". I think seeing the lines of cows that will eventually become hamburgers took me one step closer to being a vegetarian. We did manage to get Everett a cowboy hat and some funny pictures. :) I also learned that a sheep actually feels like a wool sweater, and baby pigs, while they probably have better things to do, are adorable when being raced with little numbers on their back.

They're gonna do WHAT to those cows???

I can't bear it!


  1. From the "True Texan," I think it's funny that Carla says the sheep feels like a sweater, and not the other way around.

  2. love the pictures! how fun!! :)