Thursday, March 4, 2010

4 months old!!

Everett turned 4 months old yesterday! It seems like this last month has brought the most developmental changes. It's been really fun to see him be able to do more and more everyday. Here are some of the things he's doing...

He is using his hands a lot more and with more purpose. He is able to grab things with both hands; toys are a lot more enjoyable now. He intertwines his fingers, and loves putting them in his mouth and chewing on them.

Speaking of putting his hands in his mouth, I think teething has begun. He has a lot of drool and bites on whatever he can, so I expect a little tooth in a few months.

Ooh, a very cute development you saw in the last video. He's making these fart noises with his mouth constantly. Hilarious!

Today I could almost say he was crawling. He scoots himself across the room on hands, belly, and legs and can get pretty far. It's really cute that he has to stop, put his head down, and rest every few feet. :) Not quite crawling though because he can't lift his body. I imagine it's not very far away though.

He laughs a lot more now. By a lot, I mean once/day. Everyday he seems to laugh more, so it won't be long before it's all day long. Can't wait! :) He seems to be getting a sense of humor because I am able to make him laugh with silly faces and noises now rather than just thrill seeker moves like throwing him in the air and spinning. This has been one of our favorite developments over the month.

He is an avid roller and is very capable of rolling to his belly and is getting better at getting himself out of that position! I still have to rescue him every now and then when he gets stuck on his belly.

Like most kids, he thrives with structure. We have finally gotten a structure to the morning naps. At night he sleeps 10.5 hours, nurses, then sleeps another 2. And now we have a pretty regular 2 hour morning nap. We're still working out the afternoon. The days and nights are smoothest when we don't mess with that structure. When we do, it's a lot of crying and more interrupted sleep. We consider ourselves to be really lucky to have this kind of schedule.

Tomorrow is the 4 month dr visit, so I'll put an update with his weight and all that fun stuff soon.

New pictures are in Picasa! You'll find the link to the left. :) Here's a preview.

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