Friday, February 5, 2010

Rolling over...and back and over and back and....

Last night was both hilarious and sad.  Sad only for its lack of sleep.  Everett went to bed pretty normally, but then started crying (when we were ready to go to bed) at 11pm.  We found him in his crib rolling around and frustrated.  "Yea!", we thought!  "He's mastered the art of rolling over!"  But then came the hilarious (and tiring) part...we would place him on his back, then he'd roll to his belly and start crying.  We'd put him on his back again, and he would, again, roll to his belly and start crying.  After doing this for a little while, he then started doing it himself.  It went like this:  roll to belly, cry, roll to back, pause...roll to belly, cry, roll to back, pause, repeat.  We were, of course, in the corner of the room laughing hysterically.  He eventually found a happy spot mostly on his belly and went to sleep.  As did we*.

*only after checking on him a few times worried he'd get stuck...though that wasn't very likely watching him go back and forth with that kind of gusto.

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