Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy 3 Month Birthday Everett!

Wow!  3 months came so fast!  When he was crying and crying and crying at 3 weeks, I was praying for 3 months to get here quick.   And it sure did.  And now I miss some of those 3 week times.  But really, this is much more fun.  Here's what we're up to. 

1.  It was time to put up the bumpers in the crib when I woke up to find him like this!  His head was originally placed at the top of the photo, so he has almost come full circle!!!  He is a little wiggler. 

2.  He almost has the whole rolling over thing down.  Front to back AND back to front.  Almost there buddy!  He just needs to lift his head over and it's pretty darn heavy.  So we're working on that.

3.  He babbles all the time and we love it.  We have conversations with him and make his babbles into whatever words they sound like.  And often they sound very close to the words.  Here's one such conversation we had the other morning.
            Eric:  Good morning Everett!
            Everett:  Gggooooooo aaaahm (good morning)
            Eric:  Did you sleep good?  What did you dream about?
            Everett:  Aahhmboooogah  (hamburgers)
            Carla:  Hamburgers?  How do you know about hamburgers?  You're the smartest baby in the world!
           Everett:  Ahy Nooooow (I know)
           Eric and Carla to each other:  I KNOW?!  Man, we've got to teach this kid some humility!

But seriously, how can the kid be humble when all we tell him all day is how cute, smart, wonderful, awesome he is.  Perhaps we'll have to modify our comments.  :)  haha!

4.  My friend, Kathy, had a fantastic idea and I'm totally copying it right now.  She's brilliant, I couldn't resist!  Check out how Everett has grown! I can hardly believe it sometimes!

5.  We have had a few big laughs and the little giggles are getting more frequent.  As I have written before, I love, love, love the laughter.  I can't wait to hear it more often.  Whenever Dad gets home from work, there are BIG smiles for him that we both love to see.  :)

6.  His bedtime routine involves a stuffed Bevo and Daddy singing the Texas fight song over and over.  He loves it. 

We're having so much fun with him and feel very blessed to be so lucky. 

We love you little Everett!!  We can't wait to see what this next month brings! 

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  1. hahaha...i LOVE the morning conversation with Everett...too cute! :)