Saturday, December 1, 2012

Spontaneous Mountain Day!

On the way.  The Elmo bucket had to come too with four racquetballs.  Amazingly, all four came home too.
We decided to take a spontaneous mountain day trip after Eric fortuitously received his ski pass in the mail.  We decided to check out Keystone Resort since it's close, and my sister knew it to be kid friendly.  It was, amazingly, only an hour from home.  Love that.  Eric got some time snowboarding, but the snow wasn't very forgiving at a mere (and packed) 18 inches, and he was left with a bit of a wrist injury.  We'll wait for some fresh powder for our next trip.  While he played on the mountain, see what me and the boys were up to below...

We took in some mountain air.
We played on the playground.

We played big Connect Four.  Pax couldn't quite reach.

We enjoyed some Starbucks treats.  Bad photo, sorry.
Everett hugged Rudolph and was very proud.
We told Santa we want a ski resort condo for Christmas.
Pax played chess.
Everett spent some time as a fox.
"There was something in my mouth."  That something would be his first candy cane, devoured in about 5 minutes.

We had a fantastic day and made it home in time for dinner.  It's so awesome to live here!  I discovered that Breckenridge has a children's museum, so I'm super excited to bring them there next time!

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