Saturday, December 1, 2012

Everett, the Three Year Old!

Well, Everett has asked "Why...?" recently, so pondering that reminded me that I am overdue on his three year old post.  How very three of him to start asking why?  I am both excited and daunted by this new development!

Everett turned three at the beginning of this month, but he just recently had his well-check.  I may have kept forgetting to make the appointment.  Oops!  Regardless, he's doing great.  He's a whopping 3'3" and 34 lbs.  How did he get so big so fast?!  Well, to start he grew 1.25 inches in the last TWO MONTHS!!!  Crazy!  Three years zoomed right by just like they said it would.

Some things that excite him these days:
    1.  Visits to family.  His face absolutely lights up when mention of seeing Grandma and Grandpa or Lauren and Sarmad comes up.  I bought some new serving bowls recently.  He found them and excitedly asked if they were for when Lauren and Sarmad come to dinner and wanted to know if they were coming now?!?!
     2.  Baha'i children's classes!  One of the things he really loves is getting stickers on his courtesy chart from children's classes.  There are stars which he gets to place stickers on for saying nice words, please, thank-you, listening attentively (that star is kind of bare - hah!), etc.  Sometimes he makes a circle around me, says "snooze me!" and then excitedly proclaims that he gets to put a sticker on his excuse me star now!  Hah!  I'm very proud of him for being excited about courtesy.
     3.  Playing with the neighbors outside.  It's SO cute - imagine four three year olds conversing and riding their bikes in the cul-de-sac.  There are usually some tears, but there is always tons of laughter.      
     4.  Being my special helper at the grocery store when we get to go just the two of us.
     5.  Baking with me
     6.  Role-play and art projects
     7.  Daddy carrying him "like a monkey" up to bed
     8.  Picking out and reading (over and over and over) library books.  He has memorized many of his books and will "read" them when he's not feeling shy.

The other development that's been really cool to me is some recognition of his feelings.  Recently he asked me if I was happy or sad, and then told me he was happy and why (all the bubbles in the bath).  When he's mad, he often says "I'M FRUSTRATED!!!"  He points out when other people are sad or mad.  It's been an important opening to discuss feelings a bit more.  Emotions can be so hard to deal with when you're so small.

The MOST exciting thing that has happened since he has turned three though is getting a baby cousin!  Baby Corinne was born last week, and Everett is so excited.  He asks to see her frequently, and she is motivation for him to take actions to stay healthy in order to get to see her.  :)

We love our little three year old so much, and are having such a fun time talking to him and hearing the funny things he comes up with.  Can't wait to see what the year brings for him.

For fun, here's a throwback to when he was maybe 18 months and we were trying to get him to say "Potato" because we just loved the way he said it.

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