Sunday, September 16, 2012

Denver Botanic Gardens

Why is it not "Botanical"?  I have no idea.  Yesterday we went to check out the Mordecai Children's Garden.  It was pretty awesome except for the sun blazing down on us.  Despite being in the 80's, from a mile high the sun is pretty darn strong.  It feels like we're being fried under a magnifying glass sometimes.  That's really going to be nice come winter.  So the sun drove us away a little early, but we still got to enjoy splashing in a river, climbing up to 1400 feet altitude, feeling different plants, conducting a scavenger hunt, taking shade in a tent, and hunting for bugs...all on the roof of the parking garage.

Mr. Serious with the big gorgeous eyes.

I love this picture from Paxton's sweet little hand on Eric's arm to Eric's protective and loving stance.

Who doesn't love a log to walk through?

Who doesn't love a tent to play in?

"I'm fishing, Mom."

This picture makes me giggle!

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