Thursday, November 3, 2011

Two Years of Immense Love

Happy Birthday to our sweet Everett!  It's hard to believe it was two years ago that you entered our lives.  Time goes too fast.  What's even more amazing is how our hearts know no limits when it comes to love.  Just one of the amazing things you taught us immediately.

Everett, you are TWO!  And you are:

-SMART!  You find ways to play with your toys that I would have never thought of.  Yesterday you used a straw to aid in stacking blocks that have a hole in them.  You can remember where you put something days ago.  You are learning words at a rapid pace now and can retain words told to you just once.  My absolute favorite thing you are doing right now is saying a prayer, "O God guide me" before bed.  You repeat after me or Dad, and often instead of repeating you say the next word.  Most of the words are intelligible to only God Himself, but in your defense they are big words.  And God is the only one who really has to understand anyway.  I'm going to put that on video soon.  :)

-FUNNY!  You say really funny things.  You love to laugh.  You love to make Paxton laugh. You are a generally very happy guy.

-CARING!  You hold Sophie (giraffe teether) in Pax's mouth to help him chew on it.  You are sharing your toys with him now.  You softly rub his hair.  Lately you say "hold Pax!" a lot, which means you want to hold him, and which makes Pax laugh and smile.  Today as Pax was crying, protesting his nap, I found you camped outside his door quietly playing with one of your toys.  Also, you recently found a stuffed bear and pig and have been carrying them around, feeding them, putting them to sleep, pushing them down the slide, etc. 

-HELPFUL!  You like to put things back where they belong.  You like helping me clean, wiping things off with a rag, putting trash in the trash can, and trying to sweep.  You hand me things I need for Pax, like the burp rags.  You and Paxton share a bath now, and you enjoy helping bathe him.

-You're normal too.  You have tantrums.  You don't always listen.  You love cookies.  You know, normal two year old stuff.  :) 

We love you SO much and are really enjoying watching you grow up.  Happy birthday Everett!

These are some pictures from his best buddy Julian's birthday party this past weekend (Halloween hence the cowboy costume).

Loving getting buried by Dad at the dino pit

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