Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ev and J's Day of Pfun!

Tuesday when I took Pax to the clinic, my friend, Aida (she lives in Pflugerville, so fun becomes pfun and means it was extra fun), was generous enough to let me drop Everett off for the morning. Her son, Julián, is Everett's best buddy, and Everett was incredibly excited to spend this time with him. These boys are born a few days apart and have known each other all their two years of life.  The great thing about Everett and Julián is that though Ev speaks English and J speaks Spanish they understand each other perfectly.  Better than we do I'm sure.  Here's a fun example of how their speech merges.  Everett used to call dogs "bark bark", and Julián calls big dogs "vaca", which is "cow" in Spanish.  Now Everett calls dogs "baca".  haha! 

Well, referee Aida did a fantastic job.  As you can see, the boys played beautifully together though she tells me there was one fight that was also documented.  I haven't seen the footage, but I do believe it.  haha!  There were an abundance of incredibly adorable pictures, some of which are below.  (I had trouble selecting just a few. ;) 
Moving in!
They look like they could be brothers, right?

Little engineers at work.
If you know how toddlers play, you know this is an amazing display of the very difficult concept of SHARING!

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