Monday, October 10, 2011

Quick Updates

I realize I haven't been blogging much lately.  Life has been exponentially more busy with two, though it feels a lot more normal now.  Let's see what news I can come up with quickly here...

-Paxton is having a hard time sleeping lately; therefore we all are.  He is in the midst of mastering the art of rolling over.  He goes to his belly with ease, but then gets stuck.  He is incredibly cute, so you can't be mad at the guy for getting us up 4-5 times/night.  He'll get it, and we'll all rest better soon.  He's talking a lot, loves watching Everett, and enjoys hanging out in the jumper.  He is really interested in manipulating the toys on it, which is fun to watch.  Oh, and his big squishy cheeks and thighs are so adorable, I just kiss and squeeze him all day long.  I love him SOOOO much!

-Everett's speech is blossoming and hilarious and so cute.  He is using the potty more and more, which is exciting for us.  Potty is also my favorite word he says lately.  It comes out like "paw-ee".  So cute.  He also says "boobee" = blueberries, which makes it hilarious when he talks about big blueberries.  He calls rabbits "tatas", and he likes to point out and exclaim BIG TREE when he sees them, which happens to come out "biiicheee".  We are trying to teach him "tall tree" though he's still partial to the previous.  Eeek!  Haha!  When we ask him his name or if he talks about himself lately, he says "you".  Hmm.  So we sound really strange as we are replacing "you" with "Everett" in our sentences to help him learn.  Also, Ev loves to be my sous chef, which equates to him standing on a chair watching me cook most of the time.  But sometimes he even gets to stir...which is really messy.  But hey, I'm the messy cook, who am I to judge.  I also love him SOOOO much!

-Eric has been having to work away from home for several days at a time lately.  Boo!  We miss Daddy so much when he's gone.  It is perhaps making me feel more capable managing the two boys on my own though.  I admit I tend to freak out in advance, which is just silly.  Trying to do that less.  Eric is such a great Dad, and I have really been enjoying watching him with the boys.  And I love him SOOOO much! 

-And me.  Not much new going on with me.  Just taking care of the boys, laundry, cooking, cleaning, laundry, playgrounds, storytime, laundry, errands, dr appointments, weeding, and you know...laundry.  The usual.  I'm enjoying getting to go for walks now that it is not 100+ degrees everyday.  We had 90 days of that this summer!  Unbelievable.  The mornings are just gorgeous, so we've been spending a lot of time outside.  I just love starting my day with Pax (Everett is still sleeping) and a cup of coffee outside as the sun is coming up and the birds are singing.  Aaaah.


  1. I love love the picture of the four of you!!! And the part about Everett's pronunciations had me rolling ;)

  2. Oh, I totally second Dani's comment! I love the family picture!