Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pflugerville Pfall Chili Pfest

My Dad's going to love those Pf's.  That's really the name, I swear!  Today Everett and I, while Dada was working, headed out to the Chili Pfest.  We met our friends Aida and Julian and had high hopes of sampling lots of chilies.  The boys must have slept too long because we didn't make it before the chili ran dry.  :(  So sad!  We did buy them some from a non-competitor however (we could have made much better), and got them in a baby bounce house and petting zoo.  Here are some fun photos from our day.

The boys were so brave

He was so interested in the animals and didn't want to leave them.
This was really yucky.  I did it for the boys.

Feed for the animals.
We had a great time dancing to the live music.
Hey brother!

All tuckered out.  What a great day!

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