Saturday, October 9, 2010

Austin City Limits Festival: Day 1

ACL Fest is a huge Austin live music tradition attracting tens of thousands to the city and the festival.  I got a smashing good deal on some tickets last year, so we took Everett down to his second ACL.  Second, you say?  He attended last year in utero.  8 months in utero!  :)

Getting to ACL is always a challenge with the tens of thousands descending on Zilker park.  We always try not to kill each other and vow to never go again when trying to get out of the place to go home.  Rather than tackle the crazy shuttle buses this time though, we packed up the bikes and the bike trailer, drove downtown, then biked a few miles to the park.  I thought it was great fun, but Everett cried the whole way.  And the whole way back.  *sigh*  BUT - at the festival, he was a rockstar!  Strangers were taking his picture.  Several people came up and said how awesome he is and how great it was that we took him.  Yea!  I thought so too!  :)  He danced, he clapped, he watched the stage.  He even took a nap during the first part of Vampire Weekend, which was an amazing show. 

Don't let this face fool you.  He cried hard when this thing was in motion!

Waiting patiently for Dad to lock up the bikes.

Our bike lock-up.  It was hard to get the lock around everything.  ha!

We weren't the only ones that chose to bike there.

Enjoying his first concert (Spoon).  Like the ear handles?

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