Saturday, October 9, 2010

ACL Festival: Day 2!

We made it through day 2! We biked there and back (after driving within about 2 miles from the park), and this time Everett did fantastic. The difference this time: his magical Grandma-made blankie came along for the ride. He sucked his thumb, held the blankie tight, and enjoyed the great ride. :) Thanks Mom, for making that blankie and weaving all the love into it.

I will say though that our chosen path to get to the park, in an effort to avoid cars, involved carrying the bike trailer over streams, rocks, and sand. Oops. Thanks to strong Dada it all worked out.

One cool thing that happened - a lady came up to us and said she saw us yesterday, and Everett was so cute rocking out on his Daddy's shoulders. With the 60,000 people there, that's pretty amazing that we saw an E admirer the following day.

I'm exhausted! Will the third and final day of the festival see the Keahey family? We will see!

Our little guitar monkey rockstar

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