Monday, April 1, 2013

Paxton at 22 months

It is so hard to believe that Pax will be 2 in two months.  Crazy!  I often look at Pax and remember that I had a 2 month old when Everett was this old and wonder how anything ever got done. 

Pax is talking more lately but remains more physical than verbal.  He says things like juju (juice), nilk (milk), shewwww (shoe), hup! (up), and so much more - I don't want to bore you.  He jumps off of things, rides a balance bike, slides down the stairs, is amply proficient on the playground, loves to be swung around in a circle, thrown on pillows, etc.  These tricks are often preceded with him begging "do! do!"  His downfall will be his lack of fear.  He wants to do whatever Everett is doing, and it isn't always age appropriate.  He fearlessly and literally dives in.

He is getting closer to two years old, and his frustration and will is getting stronger as well.  Overall, they seem to be lower key than Everett's temper tantrums, but I shall not speak too soon as we are not fully there yet.  Circumstances are different as well with no new sibling taking attention or inexperienced parents!

Pax is an awesome snuggler, a fantastic eater, and cute as a button.  I am relishing these things before he pushes me away, becomes picky, and throws tantrums.  hah!

The boy loves my phone, and like most his age can work one nearly perfectly.

He also loves to vacuum.  He gets one spot really well over and over!

"Jumping" off the fireplace.  He didn't actually fall.

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