Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Galveston Trip in Pictures

"Beach!!!"  This was the boys' first beach trip.  Second upcoming next month.
Pax is a part-time walker.  I like how in this picture his wobbly toddly walk looks like he's rockin' and groovin'.

Aunt Kathi brought Roja, and it didn't take Everett long to fall in love...and vice versa it seemed as well.  Everett has said for the past few days that he misses Roja and "Kaffee".

Cheeks Keahey!

Paxton was happy as a clam getting dirty and holding seaweed.

Everett had so much fun with Aunt "Kaffee".  Sad to say it took a whole day to straighten out that her name was not Sean (Eric's brother).  Haha!
That's Ev's best bud Julian with Eric.  There was a lot of excitement at this point!  We were lucky enough to have friends with us for Ev's inaugural beach experience, which made it a thousand times more fun.  Pax was so excited he took a nap.
Exciting waves with Dad and Kathi.

You can see I got a bit of a haircut.  ;)  What can I say, I'm a mom.

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