Friday, June 17, 2011

What's In a Name?

Choosing a name for a child proves to be quite a difficult process!  For us at least.  We chose the name Paxton Anderson Keahey for a few reasons.  Pax is Latin for peace, which we just love; however, we didn't want to give what feels like a nickname as the full name.  We both fell in love with the name Paxton, which would literally mean "peaceful town".  Hopefully he will make a peaceful town out of wherever he is in life.

Both Everett and Paxton share the middle name Anderson, which is my maiden name.  I really love this tradition, common in Spanish speaking countries.  Eric carries his mother's maiden name, Horton, as his middle name.  Since marriage, my own maiden name is my middle name as well. 

If anything, we needed a Peaceful Town to balance out our Wild Boar (Everett).  hah!!!  We obviously chose Everett's name for our love of the name rather than its meaning.  :)

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