Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blogging: My maiden voyage

Wow - I just made a blog.  My mom says she hates blogs, but I think she'll like this one.  :) 

I figured I might as well start a blog now for keeping up with our little family now that it's about to become more interesting (and while there's spare time).  In about 7 weeks we will welcome our first little dude or dudette into our lives, and Eric and I will be initiated into parenthood.  So far all is well with the pregnancy and I have been feeling well.  So stay tuned as it's bound to get much more interesting.  I promise not to bore you Mom.  :)


  1. I agree with Mom! But go for it, blog away, I will read it because surely that is what I need...another techonological something that distracts from what I really should be doing. I cant speak from experience or anything, but I think when you have a kid, you have a hard time fitting a shower into your day, much less a blog post :{

  2. Cool! I know nothing about blogs, so now I can learn. See? It is all about you!
    Love Anutie Barbara